Post cleaning recommendations


Post cleaning recommendations

Thank you for the opportunity to clean and/or restore your carpets. In order to ensure the appearance of your carpet, we recommend you follow these simple suggestions:

  1. Keep traffic to a minimum on your freshly cleaned carpet, this is especially true for your furry friends who may track dirt on damp carpeting. Clean socks and/or shoes are recommended until carpet is fully dry.
  2. BE CAREFUL when walking from your freshly cleaned carpet to any hard floor surfaces to avoid slips and falls. Your carpets need time to dry. This time will vary depending on humidity, temperature, and the process used. To help dry the carpet faster, set your thermostat to 70 degrees and turn on ceiling fans to help move the air around.
  3. Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum, immediately after your carpets are dry and on a regular basis. Vacuuming on a regular basis will remove a majority of the soils that get trapped in your carpet. Based on industry standards and the level of appearance you desire, the recommended frequencies to have your carpeting cleaned are:
Household Frequency
2 adults Every 6-12 months
w/smokers Every 6 months
w/children or pets Every 3-6 months
w/children and pets Every 2-4 months

We hope these suggestions will keep your carpets looking beautiful for a long time!